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For additional information on our program or to find an approved FactoryPro Member, please visit our website at or call us directly at: 1-866-996-9776

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Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions in any person's life. As the Buyer, you can and should demand the BEST Manufacturer and the BEST home warranty coverages. Moduline and FactoryPro offer Canada's Best Home Warranty, with higher limits, longer terms and coverages not available from other warranty programs. You owe it to yourself to choose a Moduline home backed by the FactoryPro warranty. Moduline Warranty Coverage FactoryPro includes a 10 year Structural Defects Warranty along with a $30,000 Warranty Limit. First year coverage is provided by the manufacturer.

Factory PRO Exclusive 10 Year Warranty

The Moduline FactoryPro Warranty is designed to specifically protect new manufactured home buyers. The FactoryPro symbol represents excellence and assures you that your FactoryPro Member has met high standards of accountability in the areas of finance, construction, and customer satisfaction. You and your family can feel confident and secure with the protection you get from Moduline and FactoryPro - Canadas Best Home Warranty

Peace of Mind Coverage

EGI Insurance Managers Inc. is the Warranty Provider who provides the benefits outlined in the warranty certificate. For added peace of mind, the obligations of the warranty provider are backed by an insurance policy issued by Echelon General Insurance Company, a federally licensed general insurance company. This, coupled with the assistance of Progressive Home Warranty to ensure prompt attention to your concerns, will provide you with the utmost in consumer warranty protection and Canada's Best Home Warranty!

Manufacturers Warranty

Your home will be worry free in the 1st year as Moduline supplies their manufacturer's warranty (see manufacturer for details) for workmanship and materials defects that may occur during the 1st year after completion.

2 to 10 Year Structural Defect Warranty

Your FactoryPro Warranty protects the very heart of your home's structure for 10 full years to a maximum of $30,000. FactoryPro covers any defect in materials and labor that results in a failure of a load bearing part of the home or the structural damage that might result from such a failure.

No other warranty offers 10 years of coverage as a minimum standard, another reason why FactoryPro is Canada's Best Home Warranty!

$30,000 Total Warranty Limit

Your FactoryPro Warranty provides a Total Warranty Limit of $30,000 to help you, the buyer sleep well at night. Your choice of a FactoryPro Member is the most important step toward many years of homeowner satisfaction. FactoryPro offers comprehensive coverage, with higher limits, longer terms and warranty coverages not available from other warranty programs. Take the time to compare and you will understand why FactoryPro offers Canada's Best Home Warranty!